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Ancare Capsule 10 x 10 Pain, Inflammation & Bleeding with Ano Rectal disorders.
Hibril Oil 50 ml. The Topical Stress Reliever
Hibril Syrup 200 ml. The Memory Enhancer
Hibril Capsule 10 x 10 The Stress Reliever
Pepgard Tablet 10 x 10 The Gastric Protector
Siya Oil 100 ml. Falling of hair, Alopecia Dandruff, Premature graying, Inadequate hair growth.
Manshanti Oil 50 ml.  
Bactimo Ointment 25 gm. The Dermal Guard
Arthrum Plus Capsule 10 x 10 The Mobility Restorer
Arthrum Ointment 25 gm. The Topical Pain Terminator
Arthrum Capsule 10 x 10 The Mobility Restorer
Arthrum Oil   The Topical Pain Terminator
Blood Purifier 200 ml.  
Cough Syrup 120 ml. With Tulsi and Honey
Ancare Ointment 30 gm. Fast Relief in Piles
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